Arranmore Natural Oil Finish

Caring for your Arranmore Solid Timber 
Natural Oil Furniture

Eco-Friendly - Food Safe - Antibacterial 

Solid timber furniture with an Arranmore Natural Oil finish is as luxurious as it is humble. 

Arranmore Natural Oil is not a wax surface. You do not need to purchase special sprays or regular   maintain your furniture.

It reflects the most beautiful feature of your chosen timber but is so practical use. 

There are no specific products required to maintain your furniture. 

Our natural oil timber surfaces have a high level of resistance to heat, water, grease, red wine spills and the rigours of daily use.

Clean only with a damp or soapy dishcloth - do not use sprays, scourers, abrasives or microfibre.

If food hardens on the surface, use warm/hot water, pour onto the surface, let it soften and wipe off.

If your furniture looks 'thirsty' apply natural oil onto the surface and wipe with a 100% cotton cloth to rehydrate.

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