Arranmore Natural Oil Finish

Caring for your Arranmore Solid Timber 
Natural Oil Furniture

Eco-Friendly - Food Safe - Antibacterial 

 Caring for your Arranmore Solid Timber with Natural Oil Furniture 


Arranmore Solid Timber Furniture with Arranmore Natural Oil is luxurious yet humble.

Arranmore Natural Oil is not a wax finish - Its ingredients are all natural and include eucalypt, thistle, sunflower and linseed.

Arranmore Solid Timber Furniture with Natural Oil reflects the individuality and beauty of the chosen timber furniture item whilst maintaining symmetry with todays modern way of living.

Arranmore Natural Oil finish compliments the natural antibacterial properties of timber.

Arranmore Natural Oil Finish allows the timber to breath naturally, expand and contract in various temperature environments. 

All you need to care for your indoor furniture

Arranmore Natural Oil

100% cotton cloths

Mildly soapy water or water

LIGHTLY USED SURFACES  - a dry or lightly dampened or mildly soapy cotton cloth and wipe the surface, then dry with a 100% cotton cloth.

In the event that a food item sets on the table, such as gravy, weetbix or tomato sauce, simply dampen a cotton cloth with hot water and then wipe off. Then dry with a 100% cotton towel or cloth.


Dust at least weekly with a 100% clean cotton piece of fabric. Old cotton sheets are ideal.


Every year or two, a very light sand with 320-600 grit sandpaper following the grain evenly by hand, then apply a small amount of Arranmore Natural Oil directly to the table and buff with the grain with 100% cotton cloth. Do not leave excess oil on the surface.


Lightly sand the scratch with 180-240 grit sand paper following the grain , finishing with a fine 600 grit.  Then apply the Arranmore Natural Oil directly to the surface and buff with a 100% cotton cloth. See video's on the website.


Lightly sand following the grain, the affected area with 320 grit sandpaper, take a damp cloth and place over the top of the affected area and lightly iron to diminish the dent.  Lightly sand as per 'repairing small scratches' and your item will be rejuvenated.


Please do not use abrasives, sprays, chemicals, micro fibre cloths, waxes or oil of any other kind on your surface.

Over time the tone of your timber will vary slightly due to the effect of UV.

Do not leave any liquid of any kind sit on the surface of your furniture as it may penetrate and cause staining or discolouration as our oil finish leaves the timber porous.  Wipe up spills as soon as they occur with a damp cloth.   


From time to time accidental damage may occur to your item.  If the damage is extensive please contact us at [email protected]

Your Arranmore item can usually be repaired onsite by our mobile repair team.  In the event that your table needs to be returned to our factory for repair we can rejuvenate your item usually for a few hundred dollars excluding freight.

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