Ascot Outdoor Table


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Ascot Outdoor Table: Spotted Gum timber, L: 2400mm x W: 1100mm x H: 750mm, available with U or Klein Steel base.” This description summarizes the key features of the table concisely.

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Introducing the Ascot Outdoor Table – a masterpiece of craftsmanship and style. Crafted from exquisite Spotted Gum timber, this table exudes natural beauty and durability.

Its generous dimensions, measuring L: 2400mm x W: 1100mm x H: 750mm, provide ample space for unforgettable dining experiences. The substantial thickness of 32-35mm ensures stability and longevity, while the distinctive undercut bevel edge adds a touch of sophistication.

With a medium feature grain, each Ascot Outdoor Table is uniquely elegant, enhancing the ambiance of any dining room. The base, available in either U or Klein Steel, offers both stability and contemporary flair.

Elevate your dining space with the Ascot Outdoor Table – where impeccable design meets exceptional quality.

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Spotted Gum


L: 2400mm x W: 1100mm x H: 750




Undercut Bevel




Natural Oil


U, Klein Steel

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Please note actual edges may vary due to the thickness of the timber.

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Ascot Outdoor Table crafted from American Oak timber dimensions L 2700mm x W 1100mm x H 750mm custom stain in Brazil available with U or Klein Steel base This alt text provides a succinct description of the image and its key detailsAscot Outdoor Table