Pacific High Dining Table


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The Pacific High Dining Table features a 1980mm length, 900-1000mm width, and 100mm thick natural edge top. Finished with light-medium natural oil, it sits on a steel U-leg base.

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The Pacific High Dining Table is a masterpiece of contemporary design and functionality. Crafted from premium timber, this table features a generous length of 1980mm and a width that ranges from 900mm to 1000mm, making it a versatile addition to any dining space. The table’s top boasts a substantial thickness of 100mm, ensuring durability and a solid presence. The natural edge adds a touch of organic elegance, highlighting the unique grain and character of the wood.

Finished with a light-medium natural oil, the table maintains its pristine look while providing a protective layer that enhances its longevity. The base is constructed from sturdy steel in a U-leg design, offering both stability and a modern aesthetic. Whether for casual family dinners or elegant gatherings, the Pacific High Dining Table is designed to impress and endure.

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Pacific Hardwood


L: 1980mm x W: 900-1000mm W




Light Medium




Natural Oil


Steel U Leg

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Please note actual edges may vary due to the thickness of the timber.

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Pacific High Dining Table with natural edge and steel U leg basePacific High Dining Table